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Слова и выражения, которые помогут вам выразить своё мнение

Совсем скоро победителям Республиканского турнира юных физиков придется отстаивать честь нашей страны на Международном турнире в Хорватии. Так что скоро им предстоит усиленно готовится и переводить доклады на английский язык.

Еще в прошлом году я публиковал слова и выражения, которые помогут вам выразить своё мнение. Но тогда они не пригодились - команда Беларуси на турнир не поехала. Надеюсь, что в этом году Беларусь будет представлена на IYTP.

Giving an opinion:


  • I’m convinced we should use an agent
  • I’m sure the Chinese market has big potential
  • I have no doubt the new factory will make life easier

Кулецкая Даша и Кирпич Юля


  • I think we need a bigger …
  • As I see it, we must build …
  • In my opinion, we should offer a bonus …


  • It seems to me we should try to diversify …
  • I tend to think our designs are old-fashioned
  • I feel our competitors are more market-oriented



  • I totally agree
  • I agree entirely with Peter
  • I quite agree
  • I couldn’t agree more
  • Absolutely! Precisely! Exactly!


  • I agree with you
  • I think you are right
  • That’s true

Гинель Антон

  • Mmm, maybe you’re right
  • Perhaps
  • I tend to agree
  • I suppose so


  • To put that another way, …
  • If I follow you correctly, …
  • So what you’re saying, …
  • Does that mean …?
  • Are you saying …?

Expressing reservations:

  • You have a point, but …
  • I agree to some extent, but …
  • I suppose you’re right, but …
  • Maybe that’s true, but …



  • I don’t agree with you at all
  • I totally disagree
  • You’re quite wrong about that
  • It’s out of the question
  • Of course not
  • Rubbish! Nonsense! No way!

Слободянюк А.И.

  • I don’t really think so
  • I can’t see tat, I’m afraid
  • I’m afraid I can’t agree with you there


  • Mmm, I’m not sure
  • I tend to disagree

Making a suggestion:


  • I suggest (that) we buy from French supplier
  • I would suggest strengthening our team
  • My suggestion would be to spend more on R and D


  • We could sell business
  • Perhaps we should make a takeover bid
  • It might be worth setting up a joint venture
  • What about appointing a new agent
  • Why don’t we borrow some pasta


  • To begin with …
  • Starting with …
  • I’d like to start by …


  • Well, I’ve told you about …
  • That’s all I have to say about …
  • So much for …

Starting another point:

  • Now we’ll move on to …
  • Let me turn now …
  • Turning to …
  • Let’s look now at …


  • Let’s consider this in more detail …
  • For instance …
  • Ti give you an example …
  • To illustrate this point …
  • We’ll be examining this point in detail
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